How It Works

  • Dedicated confidential 45 minute weekly sessions
  • Individualized email support between sessions
  • Supportive yet direct coaching
  • Accountability
  • Customized, easily digestible plan to achieve your goals
  • Learn powerful tools and processes designed to provide structure

Real Clients Say:

I decided to sign up for Jenny’s program because of one issue, but ended up benefiting in other ways. I took the work she showed me on the model and I applied it to my job and where I was struggling. Knowing that my thoughts were directing my actions instead of others causing me to do things is a game changer!

– Maya L.

I’m a different person now.  Coach Jenny helped me realize how my own fears and self doubt were impacting my decisions and relationships. When I started the program, I was struggling with friends and family and how I fit in.  I’m much more confident now and am making progress every day towards my goals.

– Collin Z.

I didn’t know I was a perfectionist until I started this work.  I thought I was lazy and unmotivated.  I had all these things I wanted to do.  I’d start, but never finish.  I never occurred to me that I was judging myself and my progress and deciding it wasn’t good enough.

– Julie F.