Jenny Lee

Certified Life + Executive Coach

You’re always
one decision away
from a totally
different life

Feeling confused, unfulfilled, stuck?

You work hard.  You’re successful.  You crave more.

You want to feel excited again.

What if you knew exactly what you wanted to do and had a roadmap to get there?

No more self-doubt.
No more confusion.

I can show you how to cut through the noise.

There’s a solution tailor-made for you that will change your life.  

Empowering tools.
Effective strategies.
Personal accountability.

We all need a coach.

We spend years going to school to gain knowledge and degrees to prepare us for our careers, but very little time is dedicated to understanding our brains – the most powerful tool in your toolkit!

Are you ready?

Real Clients Say:

Jenny is a no nonsense coach.  I didn’t know that’s what I needed, but that blend of brutal honesty and a safe place to share my stuff was amazing.

– Wanda R.