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Have you ever been sucker punched at work?  No, I don’t mean literally.  I mean figuratively – something that takes your breath away.  Maybe you were laid off, or demoted. 

Or maybe it was in your personal life.  Your spouse cheated on you or your kid got arrested.  

I have. After many years of climbing the ladder and consistently receiving stellar reviews, one year I was told I would not get a raise or a bonus. The reason behind the decision had nothing to do about my performance. It was because I had hit a ceiling. The proverbial glass ceiling. I felt like I had been punched in the gut. I had worked my butt off and didn’t know there was a ceiling. And if there was, why was I stuck under it?

When these moments happen, and we know they will happen because fifty percent of life will be uncomfortable, we lose control.  

We allow our minds to run rampant like a toddler with a knife.  We try to avoid the negative feels by talking non-stop with our friends or playing the circumstance over and over in our minds.  We may even emotionally eat or polish off a bottle of wine.  Because we’re hardwired to be negative, the sucker punch will definitely result in negative emotions, and likely this will be an appropriate time to have negative emotions.

But how do we keep our negative emotions from causing us to spiral into an abyss that keeps us down forever?

Pull the thread of this thought…

During this time, the only thing you have control over is your mind.  It is normal to feel bad when something knocks the wind out of you, but to not take care of yourself would result in continuing to victimize yourself.  

When we emotionally eat, we gain weight.  

When we over drink, we have hangovers or do really stupid things.  

When we talk nonstop about our problems, our family and friends get tired of hearing it, especially if you’re asking for their advice and not taking it. 

In these moments you need to decide deliberately what you want to think and how you want to feel.  

Since we always create our own feelings by your thoughts, you have the ability to create a new thought and feeling to serve you during this time.

Becoming aware of what you’re thinking is the first step to a better feeling. Explore your thoughts and decide if they are stories you are telling yourself.  

Begin asking yourself questions.  Is there a different way to consider your situation?  Are there any positive thoughts you can have?  When you open your mind to different questions, you can begin to turn your thinking around.  You can begin to ease up on the re-victimizing yourself and start to feel better.

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